It’s been a record year for poinsettias

It’s been a record year for poinsettias, the nation’s favourite Christmas flower. Growers in the UK have been cossetting tens of thousands of seedlings ready for the big spike in sales in the festive season – and this year there are more new varieties than ever before, too.

The showy Mexican natives with their huge brightly-coloured bracts are arriving in our garden centre here in Swarkestone right now, so make sure you get here as soon as you can for t...

Happy National Tree Week!

Happy National Tree Week! The country’s biggest celebration of the oldest and most valued plants in our landscape begins this week – and it’s a particularly special year, marking the 40th anniversary of the first event back in 1975.

At that time Dutch Elm Disease was ravaging millions of beautiful old elm trees, and the first National Tree Week began as a way of bringing people together to replant new trees in the place of those lost.

Now as new...

Sow garlic now

Sow garlic now before the cold weather sets in, just in time for the cloves to catch a good dose of frost so they split and form big, plump bulbs next year.

You’ll find big fat garlic bulbs on sale right now from our garden centre here in Swarkestone, certified virus-free and ready to plant outside. Choose from softneck varieties like ‘Solent Wight’, which you can dry and store for your winter supplies; or hardnecks like ‘Red Sicilian’ or ‘L...

Congratulations to Norton in Hales, in Shropshire

Congratulations to Norton in Hales, in Shropshire – this year’s Britain in Bloom Champion of Champions!

...
Give winter veg a little TLC

Give winter veg a little TLC as they go into the coldest months of the year to make sure your garden stays as productive in the off-season as it was in summer.

Sprouts, kale, overwintering broad beans and peas, chard and winter lettuces all soldier on through the cold. But although they’ll survive without you, you’ll maximise your harvest by giving them a helping hand through the harshest weather.

Damp, rather than cold, is the main ene...

November's plants of the month are trees

November's plants of the month are trees – the most invaluable occupants of any garden. November is also a great month to plant them, as moderate temperatures and rainfall allow plants to root and acclimatise before spring comes around.

There's a tree for every situation, whether wet or dry, acid, alkaline, chalky or clay. From flowering cherries and crab apples to evergreen yews and weeping willows, trees offer different leaf size, shape and colour...

What to do in the garden in November:

Wrap up warm and get outside to enjoy those clear frosty days that often herald the start of winter. There's loads to be getting on with: here are some jobs to tick off your list this month.

General tasks:
Keep containers safe from frost by wrapping them in bubble wrap or hessian.
Take one last cut off the lawn with the height of the blades raised to allow for slower autumn growth.

Ornamental garden:...

Plant a windowsill herb garden

Plant a windowsill herb garden for a delicious taste of summer in the depths of winter without even having to step outside your back door.

As the gardening year slows it's hard to give up luxuries like chopping generous handfuls of fresh herbs straight into your cooking. But indoor herb gardens created this month keep you in freshly-picked flavour all winter long. You can pick some herbs, such as rosemary and sage, all year round from the garden. But he...

It's time for the annual autumn spectacular

It's time for the annual autumn spectacular as trees across the country turn a fireworks display of red, purple, orange and yellow, flooding gardens, parks and landscapes with rich, warm colour.

Get some late-season inspiration with a visit to one of the UK's best autumn gardens: it's a great way to discover new trees to add an extra flare of colour to your own garden. There's Ardingly in West Sussex with acres of specimen shrubs, lakes and woodland; Dr...

Grab the garlic and start carving your pumpkins – it's time for Hallowe'en!

Grab the garlic and start carving your pumpkins – it's time for Hallowe'en! As the witching hour approaches we've filled our shelves with goodies to create your own spooktacular Hallowe'en party this weekend.

If you didn't get around to growing your own monster pumpkin this year, don't worry – we've got plenty, so pop over to our garden centre here in Swarkestone and pick out your Jack 'o' Lantern ready to carve for the big day. How about surroundin...


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