Slug barriers at the ready: Britain’s gardens are in for an invasion this summer

Slug barriers at the ready: Britain’s gardens are in for an invasion this summer according to experts predicting an unusually high number of our least favourite gastropods.

...
Leeks sown this spring should be a nice healthy size by now

Leeks sown this spring should be a nice healthy size by now, and it’s time to transplant them across into their final growing places. If you didn’t get around to sowing seeds, don’t worry – you’ll find ready-grown leek seedlings among the great range of veg plug plants at our garden centre here in Swarkestone.

Instead of just plonking them in the ground, encourage them to form long, white shanks by puddling them in. This is the rather quaint n...

The Chelsea Flower Show starts tomorrow

Dust off your best frock – it’s time for the gardening world’s premier event of the year! The RHS Chelsea Flower Show opens this week and we can’t wait to see what the world’s best designers have come up with this year. Expect groundbreaking designs, superb plants, drama and above all glamour from the moment it starts this Tuesday.

This year peonies are set to be the stars of the show, their blowsily romantic flowers featuring on many gardens and in...

Have a go at growing greenhouse cucumbers

Have a go at growing greenhouse cucumbers and you too can enjoy the slim, elegant, dark green cukes you buy in the shops.

Greenhouse cucumbers are easy to grow, crop prolifically, and unlike outdoor cucumbers, you don’t have to peel them before you eat them. Growing cucumbers under glass is also good insurance in case wet weather rots outdoor plants before they get going.

The seed of all-female F1 varieties such as Tiffany or Carmen are worth paying...

Count your earthworms!

Count your earthworms and help Oxford scientists find out more about the soil that keeps your plants healthy in the latest ‘citizen science’ project from environmental charity Earthwatch.

All you need to do is dig two holes somewhere in your garden where there are at least two different habitats – say, lawn and flowerbed - and count how many earthworms you find. Then fill in the simple online survey to record your results.

Researchers will use yo...

We now serve chips!

After much demand we now serve chips! A pot of chips is only £1.99 and is the perfect accompaniment to a panini or baguette.

We serve chips Monday-Saturday. Sunday is the holy day, a day of roasted meats, warm vegetables and roast potatoes smothered in gravy! :)

Use your walls to the max with vertical gardening

Use your walls to the max with vertical gardening to cram even more colour, scent and spectacle into your garden and add a whole new dimension to your gardening life.

...
Lawn Care with Lee Spendlove

Local lawn expert Lee Spendlove (enquire for contact details) has been helping us improve our lawn. He has been scarifying it to remove the thatch, and aerating it to i,prove surface drainage. Afterwards he rakes it over with lawn sand.

...
Burgers @ Swarkestone Nursery

Summer is finally here and to celebrate our Head Chef, Louisa, has been hand preparing Beef Burgers. Made with 100% locally-sourced beef, they come served with chips, homemade onion rings, coleslaw, sidesalad. and relish. Also available with melted cheese and bacon. Simply delicious.

...
Plant rhubarb now

Plant rhubarb now for bumper crops next spring. Late spring is a great time to plant permanent crops, as it's warm but there's plenty of rain about – ideal growing conditions. Big, hungry plants like rhubarb need time to get their roots down into the ground to fuel those stout stalks and huge leaves, so planting crowns before the heat of summer gives them a quick start and a whole season to get going before you start picking – giving you hefty harvests from next...


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