The best leaves to use instead of toilet paper!

The best leaves to use instead of toilet paper!

If you've been "caught short" amid the toilet paper shortage crisis have no fear, Swarkestone Nursery is here. 

There are a few things to look out for when looking at leaves an "environmentally friendly" alternative to toilet roll. The leaves should preferably be big, fuzzy, soft, absorbent, and yet thick enough so that they don’t tear easily.

Here are 7 examples of plants with suitable leaves that can double up as emergency toilet paper. Many are available instore now, unlike your favourite 3-ply.

Magnolia Leaves

  • Large smooth leaves

Big Leaf Maple Leaves (Acer Macrophyllum)

  • Typically large, soft leaves

Hazel Leaves (Corylus)

  • Small, fuzzy, soft leaves
  • The fuzz on the leaves might be irritating for people with sensitive skin


Red Mulberry (aka Morus Rubra)

  • Large leaves - personally I would use the underside of the leaf which is softer.

Wooly Lamb’s Ear Leaves (Stachys Byzantina)

  • Soft, fuzzy, absorbent leaves
  • Thick leaves, unlikely to tear during use

 Dock Leaves (Rumex Obtusifolius)

  • Large, slightly rough, oval leaves
  • Readily available; most would call it a weed. It grows in meadows, waste ground, roadsides, drains, shorelines


  • Soft, smooth, absorbent
  • The moisture from the moss might help in cleaning
  • But you might end up with bits of moss left behind on skin surfaces


We know this article may sound a little strange, but desperate times call for desperate measures!