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5 garden tips for June

5 garden tips for June

Summer's almost here! The gardening season has started, and beautiful flowers are in bloom or already have flowered. This season, there's still plenty to do in the garden. With flowers in full bloom and crops ripening in the vegetable plot, June’s a beautiful garden month. Keep your garden looking its best with our top 5 garden jobs for June.

 June's gardening tips

  1. Sow lettuce, radishes, carrots and beetroot in the vegetable garden. Now’s also an excellent time to sow runner and French beans directly outdoors.

  2. Pinch out side-shoots on cordon tomatoes to concentrate the plant’s energy on producing plentiful trusses of fruit. There’s no need to pinch out side-shoots on bush tomatoes.

  3. Plant up hanging baskets with summer bedding like petunias, calibrachoa and geraniums to give you months of colour. Fuchsias, begonias and busy lizzies are fabulous for pots and hanging baskets in shady spots.

  4. Strawberries will be starting to ripen now, so cover the plants with nets to stop birds from stealing the delicious berries.

  5. Deadhead roses and pick sweetpeas regularly to keep them flowering for a long period over summer. 

If you need ideas for your garden, visit our centre! We have everything you need to get your garden in shape for the summer.