Artificial Christmas trees

Imagine a Christmas without agonising over which tree to buy. A Christmas when you don't have to hoover up a single needle, and at the end, you just pack up your tree in the cupboard till next year. With traditional dark green branches these reusable trees are ideal for an authentic, traditional look in your living room year after year.

These days artificial Christmas trees are so good it's hard to tell the difference between an artificial tree and the real thing. Here are some of the great features to look out for:

Pre-lit trees: It's no longer necessary to wrestle with Christmas lights every year: many of our trees come pre-lit, with up to 400 lightbulbs already installed.

Pre-decorated trees: Great value as the decorations are included with the tree. Takes seconds to put up so it's a great timesaver too! Look for trees decked with real pine cones.

Frosted trees: the ultimate tree to finish off your snowy festive scene. Flocked trees bring that real touch of winter into your home.

Fibre optic trees: Using fibre optic technology , these wonderful trees create a unique shimmering effect that is sure to add a warm, festive glow to any room. Plus with no fairy lights to contend with, taking down your tree in January will be a stroll in the park!

Please ask the staff in our Swarkestone garden centre for more information and advice about choosing your artificial Christmas tree.

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