Mini Cyclamen

Mini Cyclamen

With heart-shaped leaves that are tattoed with silver, and delicate stalks supporting colourful flowers, Cyclamen achieve the perfect balance of both dainty and impactful. They will importantly carry your garden throughout the colder months until Spring, making them a favourite amongst gardeners. Our charming collection includes an assortment of shades, ranging from luminous white to deep wine. As such, you can enjoy their brightly coloured blooms, that will look stunning as standalone accents, or with other winter flowering plants such as Violas and Snowdrops. They are perfect for sheltered rockeries, patio pots and window boxes, or a lovely welcoming gift to brighten up a new home. Height and spread: 15cm (6"). Although hardy to -5C (23F), these plants will appreciate a sheltered position and some protection during particularly cold weather.

Valid until 31 January 2022

£2.99 (4 for £10)

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