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Farmyard Manure

Farmyard Manure

£6.99 (50 litres)

Westland Farmyard Manure is the perfect soil conditioner that provides the essential nutrients needed for higher crop yields. It breaks down naturally in the soil, releasing these nutrients, as well as a rich, natural source of organic matter and humus. Westland Farmyard Manure is perfect for mulching and incorporating during planting. It is also perfect for conditioning the soil for the healthy development of plants, fruits and vegetables.

- Perfect soil conditioner – improves soil structure
- Replenishes depleted soils
- Supports strong establishment
- Rich source of organic matter
- For higher crop yields
- Works best with beds & borders, vegetable plots, roses and trees & shrubs

*Not suitable for use with ericaceous plants

Valid until 31 August 2024
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