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Bird Care - Peanuts - 2kg

Bird Care - Peanuts - 2kg

Peanuts are high in oils, proteins and energy making them a popular choice for feeding and attracting birds. Cleaned to 99.9% purity they are an invaluable high energy and digestible food source.

Johnston and Jeff avoid lower grades and ensure their nuts are fresh and free from mould and infestation. Birds have to eat their own body weight in food every day just to survive, so the better the food and the cleaner it is, the easier it is for them to metabolise it and the better they do.

We recommend that whole peanuts are only fed from a wire mesh feeder because smaller birds and fledglings can choke on them.

If you wish to attract a variety of bird species, we recommend that you use a selection of seed blends and suets.

Valid until 30 June 2024
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