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Only assistance dogs are allowed in our garden centre

Only assistance dogs are allowed in our garden centre

From 1st October 2023 the only dogs allowed at the Centre will be assistance dogs. It was a very difficult decision to make, however due to the reasons listed below we feel it is the correct one:

Accidents - Damaged stock from dog accidents, including high value garden furniture and plants which have to be thrown away.

Noise - We often get distressed dogs instore who can be very vocal. This loud barking can upset other customers, and echoes around the open glass building.

Temperature - Pur glass buildings can fluctuate quickly in temperature that we don't feel it is ethically correct for dogs (who struggle to regulate their body temperature) to be subjected to this environment

Health & Safety - We have had two incidences where dogs have bitten staff in recent weeks, despite staff asking if the dog is ok to be petted.